Friday, June 25, 2010

When is 2 for 1 drinks not a good deal?

I needed to write the Nikki Beach entry and experience some great service while here in SOBE, since I have seen some real doozies of bad service.

The beach front restaurants in South Beach along the main strip from about 30th street to 2nd Street all have these very cool patios to sit and eat outside. What we found strange was that they all have a hostess at a podium on the sidewalk, trying to get you to come in as you walk by. Kind of felt like the midway at a carnival: Step right up - $5 for 3 darts!!! Pop a balloon and win a prize!!!

The hostesses try to entice you with specials like 2 for 1 drinks all night, so we fell for it and went in one of the bars. Here is the kicker - 2 for 1 drinks (but you must buy AND drink the two drinks yourself:  "No no no!") Oh, and the one drink is $25.00!

Yeesh, they should have just given us a wedgie and pick-pocketed us at the same time, because I wouldn't have seen that coming either.

Caveat Emptor - "Buyer Beware!"

Night Time in SOBE is beautiful still. Love the old school architecture.