Monday, July 27, 2009

Announcing JumpCart!

Jumpcart scanner

I am proud to announce the introduction of some exciting and exclusive technology from Costless Express.

JumpCart will revolutionize the way you order your business supplies. With just the click of a button, you can now scan any product bar codes we sell and have your order automatically upload to our website shopping cart.

The next time your toner is running low, just scan the bar code sticker we placed on your machine — done! No more hunting for item numbers or what supplier you ordered from last time. It works great in the lunch room too. Open a cupboard and scan shelf labels of all your favorite supplies like coffee, sugar, napkins and cream. You can even scan the actual bar code on the box if you like.

The scanner is the size of a car alarm remote, and after you have scanned your order while walking around your office, you just plug in the scanner for three seconds and your order is automatically dropped into our web shopping cart under your exclusive user name and password. Once the order is loaded on the web, you can add, delete or change the order, and even put the order on hold for future submission.

Read more about JumpCartYour sales rep can also create a custom mini catalogue of just the items you regularly order. The catalogue is sorted in groups for easy reference, and best of all each catalogue item has a bar code. Imagine flipping through your own hand-picked item catalogue and scanning the items you need to order. Coffee (Beep)… paper (Beep, Beep)… toner for the mailroom printer (Beep). It's that easy. Your ordering time will be cut significantly. Best of all, it is absolutely FREE to use for all Costless Express customers.

Costless Express is the only company in Canada offering this time saving ordering technology.

Click here it see a brochure on our exclusive JumpCart Technology. For an in-person DEMO by yours truly, please ask your sales rep.


Friday, July 24, 2009

The Tool Man!

The Tool Man!Last night I was order picking, and today you can call me Calvin the TOOL MAN Johnson.
Still short staffed, I went today to install 30 paper towel dispensers at a customer's location.
I had planned on attending the customer's location during the installation regardless, but I was expecting to have an assistant with me to do the actual drilling and installations. Since the warehouse was still short staffed, and one full trailer of Coke and another of Pepsi was arriving this morrning (our big pop sale this week cleaned us out) it was going to be just me.
Our customer RCABC in Langley has a gorgeous new facility and we sell them just about everything under the sun for their entire business, including now, all their washroom supplies like paper towels, toilet paper and soap. All with FREE DISPENSERS courtesy of Costless Express. The new dispensers are from our TORK line and will save the customer 25% or more on consumption, and the paper is EcoLogo Certified 100% Recycled.
I did pretty well I thought, installing about half the dispensers today. Their building is kind of a maze underground, and finding all the washrooms had me back-tracking a bit. One instructor would just smile every time I did "laps" past his office. The remainder will need to be installed next week, but the good news is the customer is also interested in Purell wall dispensers (also free) after I offered to demo this vital part of their health and wellness program.
If you need to upgrade your washroom dispensers, or need Purell for office, please give us a ring.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Imagine Leadership

Here is another awesome, thought provoking video from Parker Lee at one of my favorite companies, XPLANE.

Hope your summer is off to a great start and that business is going well as we head into the second half of the year. I am very excited to share with you XPLANE's latest video XPLANATiON, "Imagine Leadership." The inspiring and thought-provoking piece on global leadership was created in collaboration with Nitin Nohria, Richard P. Chapman Professor of Business Administration, and Co-Chair of the Leadership Initiative at Harvard Business School.


"The Show Must Go On!"

On the forklift

How is your summer? How about your holidays? How about when your co-workers take holidays? How does your company deal with short staff? Especially in this economy, there usually is not much overlap in staffing. Ok, so what happens when people are on holidays and someone gets sick… and someone gets injured… AND someone has a family emergency, all on the same day? (We usually have 5 order pickers on shift, and 3 could not come.) You call in everyone to help!

So here I am today, picking orders from 4pm till 9pm, twenty feet up in the warehouse on one of our order picker machines. Oh, did I say it's 33 degrees in the warehouse? Thanks to Sandy for also basically saving the day by coordinating labor and motivating other staff to jump in. Everyone in our company really pitched in to get the job done. We even had a young fella help out that was walking door to door looking for work and dropping off his resume. Can you imagine - "Hey, I'm in the neighborhood looking for work, do you have any?" YEAH, START RIGHT NOW! His name is Paul, and he did such a great job, we will keep him for a few more days and see if we can hire him on.

Also, sorry to my day warehouse manager for dropping a case of Coke Zero cans from 20 feet up. It was an accident. I know that 24 cans of exploded pop makes a real sticky mess :-)


Monday, July 20, 2009

Helijet's New Website!

Check out Helijet's new website. Thanks Jay from Helijet for the plug!

HelijetSingle Source Suppliers

Whenever possible Helijet aims to work with like-minded Carbon Neutral Companies.

One way to meet this goal has been to partner with Costless Express for our coffee counter and office supplies. Everything from Apples and Ballpoints to Trail Mix and Wastebins. CEO Calvin Johnson and his terrific team help us make sure we are getting the best value for our dollar and the evironment. When possible we also make sure that the products we are buying are local or follow a similar environmental policy, like Ethical Bean Coffee and Ecotainer cups and bowls.

Single source suppliers help by reducing the number of warehouses being shipped to and then the number delivery trucks on the road bringing items to the office. Even better in this case, Costless Express is also a Carbon Neutral company!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Have Some Cake!

Have some cake!
My new Business Development Manager, Kristi, is incredible at getting to the decision maker when she calls prospects. She is working on a list right now of "Fortune 500" companies in Vancouver and promoting our Office Coffee Service.
She is a real pro and doesn't give up 'til she gets me an appointment. Well, recently she came across a company who foiled her attempts at every angle. She just could not get past the gate keeper or phone system. Nobody would give her the contact name of the purchaser for their breakroom supplies. But… in her many attempts calling, she did find out the company was in the midst of reviewing their current supplier, so she knew time was of the essence and this called for something special.
Here is her solution to get the attention of the mystery person in charge of making the decisions: A cake with the inscription "You can have your cake and eat it too! Let Costless Express save you dough!"
I personally took down the cake, and the receptionist was blown away, saying nobody has ever done something like that, and she hopes we win the account because we were just so original and determined.
I can say we did make contact with the Executive Assistant to the President. Seems all the right people had some cake today!
Having fun, one customer at a time!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Calvin's cardDid you know Costless Express does PRINTING? Well, if your answer is no, you may be hearing more about our service soon, since we purchased equipment to print some of our jobs in-house. Today we can offer just about any printing under the sun, but relied on large commercial print shops, like most of our competitors. Now with our new purchase we can cut costs and speed up delivery times on the hot commodity printing items like flyers, cards and envelopes.

I'm most excited about using the equipment for our own marketing material, like post cards, door hangers and booklets. We are working on some new TOP SECRET technology (coming soon!) that requires us to make custom mini catalogues for individual customers so this equipment will be perfect for the job.

If you would like a quote on your printing, please contact us. Darren, our print sales rep, has over 25 years experience and will offer you not only a great price, but ideas on how to save money and make your print job the best it can be.


Friday, July 10, 2009

More on Jen & Jeff's Wedding

The happy couple :)I was anxiously awaiting for the wedding photos and blog update from Jen and Jeff's wedding on the weekend. I knew they were flying out to Victoria after the reception on Helijet. For those of you that follow my blog, you have seen me post about Helijet a few times.

Jeff took some great video and pics and wrote a piece. Click and see his July 8th entry.

Thanks Jay from Helijet for taking care of the happy couple!


Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Twedding!

At the Twedding!If you Twitter at a wedding, you're at a Twedding!

Today Sandy and I attended a lovely afternoon wedding at the Tea House in Stanley Park for our good friends Jen and Jeff.

Jeff you may know from Virgin Radio, a.k.a. Buzz Bishop. His blog is quite entertaining, so add it to your favorites for some good local perspective on pop and tech culture. Look for his July 5th entry.

If you read the blog entry on his wedding day you'll see where he calls it a "Twedding". You see, Jen was stuck in a Limo that took a wrong turn, and she was 45 minutes behind schedule while guests and groom stood on the grass outside overlooking English Bay. What is a radio personallity groom to do while waiting? Tweet on his Blackberry of course!

Congratulations Jen and Jeff!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Boys And Their Toys!

Smart Scraper!
I'm super excited about my new TOY. Can you guess? Not a boat… Not a motor cycle… Not a camera, video game, laptop or giant BBQ.
No, my new toy is SOFTWARE.
SMART SCRAPER I call it. And what it does is take an Excel file of item numbers from products we sell and tells me what my competitors price is and item number off their web site. Very cool!! I have worked with the company, who developed software & technology for about 10 years on other reporting tools they have custom made for me. When I saw this technology being used by another of their customers, I knew I wanted it for Costless.
Today, I ran a report of the top 4000 Office Supply items we sold last quarter, and loaded it into our new SMART SCRAPER. Then, I pointed the software at website to see who had the best pricing on each item. The results were amazing!
We had the lowest prices on about 82% of the items, some were significantly lower. On the remaining 18%, we were now able to adjust our sell price to beat Staples. The SMART SCRAPER will also monitor when Staples changes a price and give me a list of the changes, with date and new price. Also, the SMART SCRAPER will make more matches over time, as we clean the data on items that did not have a match: items where the pack size was different, or there was no direct item number match. With ongoing data management, we plan to have 8,000 matches to Staples (about the number of items they sell), and then work on Office Depot and Grand and Toy.
Imagine, in your business, if you could push a button and see how your prices compare to your competition?