Saturday, June 5, 2010

Miracle Weekend 2010

It's that time again - Miracle Weekend at BC Children's Hospital.

2010 has been a special year for me as I stepped into the role of Vice Chair for the Retail Wholesale Council. For 2011, I will be stepping up again as Chair, so watching Shawn Loftus — our current Chair this weekend — feels like a bit of training for when it's my turn.

Shawn sharing his wisdom:

Shawn has been an incredible chair over the past few years and he has led a great team of supporters in creating this year's incredible record donation of $4,600,000. An amazing increase over last years total of $3,900,856.

Later in the evening, some of our council members will be sitting on the Miracle Maker Panel and "Dialing For Dollars." My shift is 9:30pm to 11pm and this is my 3rd year. Last year we dressed up in costume (makes for good TV and good donations) and I was dressed as ZORRO, the masked fund raiser. This year I opted for a suit, since sick kids is a serious business.

Here we are as a group marching over to the Studios -

Getting ready for the Miracle Maker Phone Panel:

And of course we can't forget Sunny Bear!
Thanks to all the Costless Express staff, vendors, associates and customers who donated to my fund raising page. Together we raised $7363.00, with more donations still coming in.

Have a great day!