Friday, June 25, 2010

Nikki Beach - Service Extraordinaire!

Giant coconut shrimp, with Thai dipping sauce served in a coconut!
Tonight was an all Canadian Dinner hosted by our local rep Paul.

He graciously hosted about 25 office supply dealers from all over Canada at the famous Nikki Beach restaurant in South Beach.

Nikki Beach is a hot restaurant chain known all around the world - what makes Nikki Beach Miami so special is the size of the property they have RIGHT on the beach. I don't know how they do it, since the size of lot could easily hold a mega resort tower. By the looks of the building, it has been there for a good 30-40 years, so whom ever owns it sure must not need the money.

Of those who know me, I have this crazy obsession with service quality, some even say I'm servicephobic (bad service makes me sick). I am also hyper sensitive to exceptional service and so when I see it and experience it - I rave about it. So here goes a Great Service Rave - Nikki Beach knocked my socks off! We had a huge table of people and through all the drinks, order changes and loud cavorting in our group - the service was unobtrusive yet noticeably present. We lacked and wanted nothing - we were treated like kings and queens without pretension (big in Miami).

I knew I would write a Nikki Beach blog update about the servers so I asked their names... but... wouldn't you know, a few Tom Collins later and good luck if I remembered. So anyways, KUDOS, Nikki Beach servers from Miami.