Friday, June 25, 2010

Buy from us but NO CAMERAS ALLOWED!!

Ok, this will be my last slam on South Beach for service. I just had to share this video.

Sandy and I were shopping on Lincoln Road in South Beach - picture Robson Street only longer, no cars, palm trees and sun. Got it?

We went store to store browsing and the retailers all did a excellent job decorating and coming up with cool eye catching concepts to draw in the streams of shoppers outside.

One store caught our eye from outside because it had old fashioned sewing machines in the window. Now I'm no antiques collector, but this was cool. There were hundreds and hundreds of sewing machines, floor to ceiling in the store. Enough to make us stop, do a double take and then turn into the "clothing" store.

The work they had done merchandising and decorating the store was impressive. So much so, that I pulled out my iPhone to film the unique surroundings.

BUT WAIT!!! Here comes the camera police - some security guy in the store who tells me " turn that off, no filming in the store". See for yourself - No cameras allowed:

Not sure what the name of that store was, and don't really care now. I just don't get it... why dress up your store, impress your customers and then shut them down when they admire your work?

Seems there is a short circuit in their customer service philosophy. Were they afraid I might put a video of the inside of their store on YouTube? Hmm.

Cheers, (and always ready to pose for a picture)