Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Make mine Pomegranate Mango!


Soda_CindyLykki tradition is alive and well as we celebrate another year of impromptu "no special reason other than it's sunny" ITALIAN SODA DAYS.
Italian sodas are the delectable yummy and oh so refreshing beverage of the gods on a hot day. Soda_HSMade with sparkling spring water and gourmet syrups over ice and topped with whip cream. Our Partners love the surprise on a hot day and the whole office just goes into party mode as we mix, slurp, chug and cool down in the company of our coworkers.

Soda_HeatherThis year we took Lykki on the road and surprised several lucky customers with an Italian Soda Party. It was my idea so I can along to help.
The customers we hit were blown away as we stormed in and set up a party beverage station in their kitchen and started mixing up hundreds of hand made custom Italian sodas for all their staff. We even made trays of drinks and snuck into offices, meetings and boardrooms with our delicious treats. Customer and their staff were so excited and really had fun with the party. Even some stuffy executives who came to see what the commotion was all about seemed to get in on the festivities. An hour later we were cleaned up and off to the next customer. Everyone went back to work with a smile on their face!

Soda_KathieSeeing the smiles, hearing the laughs and feeling the Lykki Love is what is is all about. Best week this year for me!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

More Tees Please


Our Lykki tee shirts have been so popular we needed to run another batch.
In addition to our Keep Calm and Lykki On shirt, we designed two more.
Happiness Junky and Work Happy are the two new additions to the family with 9 more in works to be released over the next year.
If you would like a shirt, keep a close watch on our Facebook page for opportunities to snag one.
tee2One shirt we are adding came from a saying I recently heard a mom say to her whining tween age daughter. She said "Pew Pew Pew, that's the sound of your whining bouncing off my Happiness Shield"


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Timmy Ho goes Eco


Look what was installed at the Tim Hortons near the Lykki Headquarters. Charging stations for electric cars.
Good for Timmies and the City of Coquitlam for being quite progressive. I love this picture - can you see the old 60's car parked in the charging station? Imagine the buyer of that car back in the 60's being told one day the car would be evolved by the electric car. Will the next specialized parking spot be for a flying car??


I was wondering what kind of electric cars were available to buy, so for this blog post I stopped into a Tesla electric car dealership. It's actually one single car in a store inside the mall. The car was incredibly impressive with acceleration faster than a Porsche 911 and an immense amount of room for 7 passengers and luggage due to the fact there is no extras like a motor transmission or exhaust to take up space.
Although the cost of this model S was close to $100k, I'm sure costs will come down.

Personally I'd prefer free WiFi everywhere before charging stations.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Eco Afternoons


This summer Lykki is again booked into several Eco Fairs.

What is an Eco Fair you may ask?
It's an event held usually in the lobby or breeze way of an office tower downtown. Several non competing businesses set up booths and present their services and products. The catch is they all need to be very environmentally committed in what they offer.

Lykki is representing the Office Supplies Category while other companies like Zip Car and HSR Happy Stan's Recycling did their part also.
This year we had a very popular booth by creating a game show type environment with our "PAPER CHALLENGE". How it works is we have three stacks of copy paper for contestants to look touch and feel( some even sniff and chew the paper!!). To win a prize the contestant needs to correctly identify what stack is Virgin Paper, 100% Recycled Paper and Sugar Cane Paper.
It was amazing to see how hard it is for the general public to differentiate the types of paper whith over 80% of people not able to get all 3 correct in the first try.

Only a few years ago recycled or alternate source paper looked quite different from the bright white virgin sheets we were accustomed to using in our offices everyday. Well, all that has changed when you look at the three papers we had in our Paper Challenge. They were indistinguishable between each other, even when you tried to tast e them looking for the sugar cane sheet - and people tried :-))

Keep an eye on our Lykki Facebook page for our next Eco Fair and come try the Paper Challenge for yourself.