Friday, May 24, 2013

Is Lykki Bananas?

Some customers are still surprised to know we can supply FRUIT.

YES, we sell thousands of pounds of delicious fresh fruit each month to customers. What do our customers do with the fruit? They give it to their staff as snacks instead of candy, chips and cookies. And employees love it!

Studies show that employees want to work for a progressive employer who promotes healthy life style within the workplace. Fruit is a convenient option to keep employees health pointed in the right direction when they get the munches.

Fruit from Lykki can be delivered the next day, is always super fresh, hand selected and high in quality. The best part is that fruit costs less than many snack options like chocolate bars and chips. We have been delivering fruit for several years and when we give tours of our warehouse it's usually the first thing people comment about "Lykki really is a single source!!"

Like I say - Bananas to Binders, we have it all.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Catch a Wave


I snapped this group picture because to me it was so cool seeing our web and IT team together collaborating. It was a short 18 months ago we only had one person doing a bit of web work. Today the team is comprised of some super smart folks who collectively have almost 200 years of experience and knowledge.


This has allowed Lykki to hit the beach and start surfing! Surfing is a comparison I use when I speak on the industry about the future of office products. In my opinion, there is a massive technology wave building in our industry that is getting bigger, faster and more complex everyday. There are some businesses like Lykki who are embracing change and spending every penny building their custom surfboard, getting ready to surf on top of the big wave. Then there are other businesses hanging on the beach sipping a cool one in the shade. When the wave hits the beach, we hope Lykki is ready to surf the big one!



Wednesday, May 15, 2013

10 Steps To Happiness At Work

To achieve greater happiness at work, you don't need your boss to stop calling you at night. You don't need to make more money. You don't need to follow your dream of being a sommelier, or running a B&B in Vermont. So says Srikumar Rao, the author of Happiness at Work. The biggest obstacle to happiness is simply your belief that you're the prisoner of circumstance, powerless before the things that happen to you, he says. "We create our own experience," he adds. Here are 10 steps to happiness at work, drawn from his recommendations.
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Happiness Junky

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Are You Happy?

A version of this chart has been posted on my office wall for over 15 years. When we did the re-branding this year I wanted to find a way to incorporate it in our material. Little did I know it would be in the form of an 8 foot by 10 foot billboard rolling down the road.

You see, all our trucks now have this graphic on the back door for everyone in traffic to look at. One of the most incredible things has been that people call into our company and let us know they saw one of our trucks and they tell us the graphic "changed their lives". We have also seen people post the pictures on their Facebook and Instagram pages and Tweet too.

Our vision at LYKKI is to "Infuse the world with Happiness" and I think this helps in a small way.