Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Don't eat our paper!

Today we are launching a new copy paper that is 100% Tree Free. That's right; No wood pulp, no trees, no recycled paper - nothing. This paper is made from sugar cane.

We have been testing several brands of Tree Free paper for 9 months and have chosen the Canefields brand Cane Paper as our house brand 100% Tree Free Paper.

I'm excited about where the paper industry is going with new innovation. It parallels the innovation happening in the automotive industry with electric vehicles. Once the performance and price are similar, people will pick the eco-friendly alternative. Please try a box of our Cane paper and if you are not totally satisfied, email me at calvin@lykki.com and I'll personally see you are credited every penny and $5.00 more for your troubles.

Click here to order a box from our snazzy website. 


Monday, January 28, 2013

We couldn't have a business without our suppliers love.

Arriving at the office earlier than usual this morning I snapped a picture of our morning Milk Delivery. It really got me thinking about all the wonderful suppliers we have that work around the clock to keep Lykki running smoothly.

We partner with some 150 suppliers from all over the world to bring our customers items from every day office supplies to unique snacks and beverages from as far away as Japan. Our trusted milk supplier delivers 3 times a week and is here waiting like clock work for our receiving to open at 6am. We truly appreciate the relationships we have built with suppliers over the past 24 years. Thank you suppliers!


Friday, January 18, 2013

CEO Birthday Lunch

Time for another CEO Birthday Lunch - this time with our November, December and January staff babies.

I've written about this lunch tradition several times in past blogs, and once again it was a blast to hang out and get to know more about some of our staff over lunch. I know it's fun activities like these that keep our LYKKI culture strong.

After lunch, off we all went to the Casino with some cash as a gift from "Uncle Calvin."  Here is a picture of Nabil our VP of Finance who lost all his cash, all except one cent. Right after this picture was taken, we cashed out his voucher at a machine and it spit out a nickel!! Nabil and I started laughing and high fiving like only executive finance geeks would as we saw the nickel clink into the tray of the machine. One cent in and five cents out!!! We felt like winners.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I think that’s the most stupidest name ever, Like seriously?

Last week was hectic but so very rewarding as we switched our branding and company name from Costless Express to Lykki. I was quite anxious what customers would say about the change so I asked all our staff to send any comments directly to me. I also made sure that on the letter we sent to thousands of customers that my contact information was present so they could connect with me if they had any thoughts to share.

I was so happy to get unfiltered and direct communication from customers and suppliers who reached out to me after the launch. The response was overwhelmingly positive and encouraging - although, one email stood out for me. It was very candid and the customer had an opinion to share. I knew a small handful of customers may not like the name, and here was one sitting in my in box. I needed to reply quickly and sat at my desk, head sunk low thinking about how I would handle the customer email in a tactful Lykki way.

What I finally wrote in my email was heart felt. I had been saddened all week that after 24 years under the name Costless Express, a little part of me was now gone forever. So, I loved knowing we had a passionate customer in Mary who still prefers to hold the torch for our old name. Thank you Mary for carrying the Costless Express torch. It means the world to me. Here is our email exchange:

On Jan 15, 2013, at 2:43 PM, Mary wrote:
Really, Lykki? I think that’s the most stupidest name ever, Like seriously? Who approved of that name? at first we thought this was a joke!! Turns outs it’s not! I will continue to call you costless express.

Howdy Mary,
Thanks for the feedback. Costless Express is still a name near and dear in my heart too. I created the name over 24 years ago and it stood for my idea of bringing office supplies to customers "cheap and fast".

Over the years a wonderful thing happened to our company that I feel has made us so special in the hearts and minds of our employees and customers. We grew into a company with a passion and soul to treat all people with respect and have a little fun along the way. We realized we were not just a company selling office supplies but more about creating a little happiness in the world as we came to work each day.

So after much reflection I decided to find a company name that celebrated what we stood for. Lykki is a name I created. Inspired by the Danish word Lykke the word for happiness, I felt this name would be easy to remember and fun to say.

I understand if you still call us by our old name. It feels nice actually to have a customer who loves my original company name and will carry the flame of memories past.
Regardless of what we are called, our commitment is to offer you a great service and I appreciate your candid feedback.


Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy Birthday to Lykki!

Today is a special day in the company. We have officially changed our name from Costless Express to Lykki. The word Lykki is derived from the Danish word for Happiness.
After 24 years, it was time to pick a new name that better represented our company mission, vision and core values. We are still the same company with a passion for people, service and fun and now we have a new name to match.
And here is a link to an update of Our Story on our website if you want to read a bit more about the name change.
Here is a letter we sent to customers you might like to read.


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Let's Party!

Last night was our post Christmas party. We wait a bit till all the rush dies down before we hold our party.

This year was the BEST party for me in my 24 years running the company because I did nothing! I just showed up and had fun and all the hard work was done by our fantastic Culture Club.

The Culture Club has put on some great events like Laser Tag, Zip Lining and Pancakes in the Parking Lot and this event was no exception. There was lots of food, drinks, games and prizes to make it a memorable night.

Everyone really enjoys hanging out together so the party really did feel like a gang of friends instead of a stuffy corporate event.

Well done Culture Club!