Saturday, June 26, 2010

DJ Calvin is in the house

Calvin in the DJ booth at Liv - Photo courtesy of Graham
There are times in life when the stars align, everything goes your way and things happen that you couldn't possibly create if you attempted or tried to buy it.

Some people call this "Self Actualization." If anyone remembers Abraham Maslow from university Psych class, you know what I'm talking about.

Well, tonight I had my "moment." Here is how it all went down.

This is the last night of the conference and the entire hotel has been opened up for us to go anywhere we want, all paid for! Our group decided to bee-line to the night club LIV - known as one of the top nightclubs in the world, and uber impossible to get in. Just the other night, it was closed for the 14th Annual American Black Film Festival.

Anyways, we walked right into the club and took over a VIP booth (usually it was $30 to just get in - If you can - and the booth would normally cost $2000 for the night) and ordered drinks and food - all free!!!

Once the music got cranked up and people were dancing, I happen to look up to the giant DJ booth and inside the booth was my friend Graham. He had somehow asked security if he could hang in the booth. Amazing!

The back story here is Graham and I both put ourselves thru school as DJ's, and we were sitting together at dinner at Nikki Beach just the other night chatting about the new technology of the DJ art.

I went over to the booth and Graham was able to swing it to allow me in the booth also. From then on, it was like a dream - the whole club was pounding to the beats, and we were at ground zero. We were able to see the best technology in clubbing being put through its paces right before our eyes. After 3 hours in the booth, the club needed to shut down so it could reopen at midnight for regular business. The head of security told Graham and I to come back and he would let us back in. Tonight there were rumours of guests like Jennifer Aniston, Luke Wilson and Shaquille O'Neal visiting to see some hot girl DJ star from New York.

Did we get back in?? You bet. And things picked up right were they left off (except the drinks were $25 instead of free now - yowch).

My real take away from the experience was this - It was the best time I've had in a long time, and something so unexpected. It really is to me about being open to letting life come at you and just going with the flow. You don't get what you don't ask for, be a nice human and others will be nice too. Oh, and just live a happy life!

Here is a YouTube video of Liv -- not the same night, but you get the idea.