Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Buccaneer Bash!

Tonight was a pool side party hosted by our supplier and Hewlett Packard. Each year they seem to out do themselves with a new and exciting theme. This year was no exception at the pirate themed Buccaneer Bash!

We were entertained with copious amounts of "grog", scraps of finger food, and a host of pirates and wenches.

There were ladies with giant snakes, sword fights, free (fake) hand done tattoos and plenty of free pirate hats and eye patches for everyone. By the end of the night, you knew that out of 4000 people, there was going to be a few "happy" souls jumping in the pool with their hat, eye patch and not much else (Yup, it happened.)

It was great to connect with other business owners whom I have become close friends with. We all have stories, experiences and ideas to share and there is no better place than around a pool in Miami with a pirate spinning your beer on the end of his knife - have a look.

Oh, and I can't forget Darrin and his two new friends:

Arr, me pretties!