Thursday, December 18, 2008

Supporting the Food Bank

It's nice we can support the local food bank with product from Costless Express during the holiday season. It makes us sure feel fortunate for what we have and what we can do to help others.

All year long, we donate product to the local food bank from drinks, coffee, snacks and even milk. If our product gets too close to expiry dates then our customers will not accept the delivery and we strive to give as long a date as possible when we deliver. So, although we manage our inventory closely there are still fluctuations in our sales patterns and product may get close to expiry. I would hate to see the product go in the trash and are proud to support such a great organization as the food bank. They do a great job distributing the product where it can be used the most.

On a side note - Funny enough, the "best before" dates on most products are there as a recommendation, and don't correlate with the actual freshness of the product. How about Coke in a can? The dates are usually 90 days from the time it is delivered to us from Coke, and we strive to give our customers about 60 days. Now, I'm no scientist, but I'm sure a can of Coke that is basically sugar water will last more than 90 days. Heck, if it will eat thru metal and clean your toilets (urban legends) then I'm sure it will last for years! Just my take :-)