Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Party!

One of the best parts of Christmas for Sandy and I during the holidays is the entertaining. Today we hosted our annual staff get together at our home.

As usual we served up wave after wave of those little finger food appies everyone likes along with just about every other kind of snack, meat, cheese, crackers and dessert found at Costco. Yaaaaa the secret is out - I'm a Costcoholic! We also had a fully stocked bar that rivalled any nightclub, but this year it was barely touched, although there were plenty of designated drivers. Maybe it was that it started snowing, or just a sign of the times that booze in a work setting is becoming the exception, not the norm. I didn't mind, since I rarely drink other than wine in a restaurant. Glad to see this though.

The staff had a great time and everyone in the company really gets along well. It's nice to get staff from all our shifts together since we run the company 24 hours a day and the afternoon and evening shifts as well as the drivers don't get a lot of time to visit with the day staff. It was a real treat to have Kathie, our call center manager, bring her new grandchild along with several other staff and their children. If I did a head count, there must have been almost as many kids as adults. We always have some little presents for the kids that come to this party and it is encouraged. Next year I may just have to don the Santa suit. After all the food this year I probably won't need any padding either.