Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Today was a special day where I had the privilege of dropping off a truck load of donations our staff had collected for our Adopt-A-Family campaign. This year one of our staff had a relationship with a home that helps support teenage mothers and their new babies. The "family" we adopted was actually a home with a few moms. In the home they are taught how to be great moms and learn how to gather the skills needed to care for their new babies and cope with the mountain of responsibilities that lay ahead. Also the home helps mom learn how to run a house, budget and even build a resume.

Our staff did a great job gathering food, baby clothes, baby toys, highchairs, swings and even a few goodies for the moms like gift cards.

It was almost the delivery that didn't happen also, since we were into a full snow blizzard and even our delivery trucks were getting stuck. In the late afternoon the snow let up and we jammed everything into Sandy's Honda Van and I was able to get within a block of the house. Luckily the house mother was there to help and we were able to "git 'er done" as we say here.