Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Cards

I remember seasons back when we received so many Christmas cards that we hung them up on strings thru the office. These past few years, the amount of incoming holiday cards has gone from a healthy daily stack from the mailman to just a trickle. What happened to all the cards, I thought. Doesn't anyone love us anymore?

Actually, at Costless Express we stopped doing cards a few years ago to save paper from an environmental point of view. Cards just seem such a waste, use it once and toss forever. We choose to support the food bank instead.

So, what was everyone doing to get the holiday message and spirit out to their customers, suppliers and coworkers? I asked our sales staff this question and got the answer hands down. Email cards have unequivocally taken over for the paper card.

Our sales people showed me everything from simple one liner emails to the more extreme. Here is the best I saw from a customer. They created a nice email and attached a cool game as part of the greeting. All customized and still very personal. Is is a very addictive game - think Guitar Hero but Hockey. I made it to level 10 after much wasted time. Here is a collection off Metacafe that will keep you entertained too.

Amazing how one more industry is forever changed by the internet. Millions of cards are diverted each year from landfills and that's a great this for the environment - not so good for the card business.


From: Cindy French
To: Cindy Sutter 
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2008 09:27:18 -0800
Subject: Christmas Greeting from Cindy French
Hi Cindy!
Hope you are having a wonderful snowy day today! Instead of sending out Christmas cards this year, we decided to make 60 hampers (full of fleece blankets, sweaters, socks and Christmas treats) for the homeless people on the downtown eastside who are desperate for warm clothing in this harsh and unexpected weather. We did not want to let our clients go unrecognized over the holidays however so, in light of the season, we have created our own homage to the holidays to say thank you for all your help in 2008:
Just a warning, it's very addicting! Send it around to anyone you think might enjoy it. Hope you have a safe and merry Christmas and I look forward to working with you in the New Year.

Cindy French
Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
Blow Dryer Christmas Card