Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We are now on Twitter!

Follow Costless Express on TwitterI'm 42 and happy to say that technology has not left me in the dust. Sure, I am way off in left field when it comes to Facebook and MySpace, but honestly having my life displayed for all to see sounds a bit creepy to me. Then along came Twitter. I was on a plane and read an article of how BEST BUY was on Twitter and posted short updates about their company and even some hot deals. The article explained how they once posted a DVD Player on Twitter for 4 hours at $9.99 and sold thousands. I'm not sure if they made any money, but it shows how social networking technology can connect you to your customers.

That article was a few months ago, and today you can find all types of companies, universities, news organizations, and yes, even celebrities using Twitter. I feel the technology is leaning more to a communication tool of relevant info in the corporate world than to personal. The California wild fires over the past few days were updated on Twitter by the fire chiefs on their iPhones right from the front lines. I think that is so amazing.

For our company, we try to post relevant information a few times a day. Things customers may want to know about here at Costless, like new products, charity work, holiday hours and also our Twitter Deals. We will be posting Twitter only coupons and specials, so please follow us closely.

Ok, to wrap things up here - WHAT THE HECK IS TWITTER? If you asked that - check this out: