Monday, April 6, 2009


It's Craig!The power of Craigslist!! I am constantly impressed with the philosophy and integrity of the founder and controlling owner Craig Newmark (yes, there is a Craig!) His "community service" grass roots, no advertising, anti corporate approach has made it such a phenomenon. Watch Craig get grilled by Charlie Rose in this 19 min. interview from 2007. Is Craig a billionaire? Is Craigslist putting the newspapers out of business? Watch his answers.

Need to buy or sell something? Craigslist probably has it posted. For example, I wanted to buy a Xerox Docucolor 12 printer for our marketing and print shop this week. A good printing friend said these were the best for our needs, but Xerox stopped making them a few years ago and "most people will never part with them, they are THAT good." So I searched Craigslist, and voilà.

CraigslistThis is even more amazing. I posted a new warehouse position on Craigslist Friday the 3rd, and as of today, I have received 175 resumes! Seems we may be one of the few companies adding staff! What does that do to other sites, like Monster? I used to spend $400 for an ad, and now I can post on Craigslist free and get incredible results. Thanks, Craig!

I see has now changed its web site advertising rates. You can now post an ad for FREE.

Amazing, dynamic times we are living in. I remember the old paper Buy and Sell at the news stand, do they still print that? Recently, there are several stories of newspapers going out of business, some over a century old! Just south of us, the Rocky Mountain News in Denver closed in February. The Seattle P-I is the second newspaper to shut down in 2009, next could be the Boston Globe? I guess on a positive eco note, there would be less paper waste.