Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jeans Day 2009

Hey, Cal and Fin have matching Canucks jerseys. Sweet!Today is JEANS DAY!

Did you purchase a button so you can wear your jeans to work? Since it's a Playoff Canucks game, some people embellished a bit and included a jersey with the jeans like me. (Go Canucks!)

Costless Express has been a sponsor of the big Jeans Day BBQ held each year downtown. This year, we were also an official retail supplier for buttons. Thanks to our customers, we raised $1320 in button sales!

Calvin and Nearly NeilToday at the BBQ, we once again had "Nearly Neil" belting out the Neil Diamond songs. Most notably, of course, was Forever in Blue Jeans. The sun was shining this year (it rained the past two) so the crowds were amazing. We had a line-up 180 people long at one point waiting to purchase a HOT DOG, DRINK and CHIPS for $3.00 when you wore your Jeans Day Button. In just an hour and a half, we sold over 2000 customers!

VolunteersThis year, as in the past, we had suppliers donate the drinks and chips. But due to the economic times, we had our two main suppliers back out at the last minute due to budget reasons. I need to give big thanks to Sandy in our Purchasing department and the long list of other suppliers who stepped up fill in the gap. It was a total mix of drinks and snacks we had this year, and I was concerned how customers might perceive the ramshackle selection. Well, they seemed to love choice! Instead of just one can of pop and one flavour of chip, we had it all.

Thanks customers and staff for another successful event!