Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Costless Crushers!

Today was no April Fools joke! I and 5 other brave souls did battle at a charity Dodgeball tournament. Hey, this was serious business, so no snickering!
The Power of the Dodgeball - Together We Raised $4,811.08!
OK, one of our great customers invited us to enter their first annual charity Dodgeball event, with proceeds going to to the construction of the Atsemba Community School in Africa. 100% of the contributions will go directly to this project, which will provide quality primary education to up to 400 children every year.
We arrived early to the UBC Student Union building to set up some food and drinks we donated for the 100+ players in the tournament. After that, our team of 6 walked over for a pre-game meal consisting of Subway sandwiches and pizza. (Baddd idea before strenuous exercise, we found out!) When we came back to the gym, there before us were some serious, organized, semi-pro dodgeball teams. We let out nervous laughs, and then got very quiet. You see, we had never played dodgeball, never touched a ball, and most definitely never practiced.
The Costless Crushers!I am so glad we actually made shirts and looked like a team (The Costless Crushers - We came to crush your _ _ _ _ s) since the other teams were sizing us up as possible competition. As Captain, I tried to motivate the team with tactics like "Swing your arms and look like you're warming up" and "Here, come back here, the balls are not that hard" or, "Can you play without your glasses?"
Round One: We played against some pro team in matching black tank tops and before you know it, we had won game #1 and tied game #2. This leaves us at game #3 - SUDDEN DEATH. Loser is out and winner advances to the Semi Finals. The whistle blows and balls are flying. Then, in a moment of brilliance, Wendy from our team hands me two balls, I double fire and get out a fellow on the other team. Wendy decided to just retrieve balls and "reload" the other people on our team. This allowed us the throw more, and in under two minutes we had won the game!
Round Two: Now I know why some teams had 10-15 people (we had the bare minimum of 6). We all were gasping for air and chugging water (remember the Subway and Pizza?) and my arm felt like it was about to fall off as Round Two began (best of three). We had moments of brilliance, like 6 players on the other side trying to knock out our last player, Jim in one game and Wendy in another game, but it took a few minutes and dozens of balls. It was hilarious to see our player doing a version of the "funky chicken" and not getting hit! But overall, we were slaughtered three games to zero..
Pub time!Round Three: see the pictures of us at the PUB! Yup, there's our team on Round Three! (except our driver).
Great times at dodgeball, and we are starting to train already for next year. If the staff can dodge my stapler already, then I think we are in good shape.