Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tomorrow is Earth Day!

Hug a tree!Tomorrow is EARTH DAY! Go hug a tree or something.

We have 30 of these very cool "picker upper thingies" that we are giving away tomorrow. We have been having a blast around the office with them. They are the best tool for picking up trash, so a bunch of staff ran around outside cleaning up. It was amazing what is littered! It really is disgusting that people just open their window and toss bags of empty fast food and old newspapers - ash trays of cigarette butts were the worst!

Calvin cleans up.Also there is promise that the world may be left in better hands than our generation. My 5 year old is so excited about EARTH DAY tomorrow. His school has many special things happening, and he is so well versed on environmental issues. If this is the start they get in Kindergarten then I hope the moral consciousness will stick as they grow up. He says he wants an electric car one day, and keeps asking when our delivery trucks will be electric. I'm sure it's a lot closer than we all think. Breaking dependence on OIL will change the world in so many ways.