Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bailing Out A Friend

Robin and CalvinI received a call today from a dear friend. He was in jail!

His name is Robin Ross from Costco Wholesale, and his crimes are being too aggressive with his wit and silver tongue.

Actually Robin was at the Port Coquitlam Costco, locked up in a makeshift jail until he raised $4,000 for BC Children's Hospital.

I have known Robin for years, and when he rang me to come bail him out, I couldn't resist stopping in to see Robin actually standing still for any period of time. He recently was promoted to the Costco head office in Issaquah, Washington to run something important for the corporation, we're still not too sure what. We just know that when you fly on the Costco jet with the CEO, then you must be important.

Robin was the one who invited me to sit on the Retail Wholesale Council for BC Children's Hospital, and I am grateful for the opportunity. He was in town for the big Miracle Weekend fund raiser that the hospital and Global TV put on each year.

Although we email each other, it was great seeing Robin in person again. I offered him a choice of a Costco hot dog, or a nice donation to bail him out. He choose well, and met his goal.

All the best!