Friday, May 23, 2008

Welcome, New Customers!

Flyers!Recently we sent out 55,000 flyers to businesses in the Lower Mainland.

I'm happy to say the response has been exceptional, with over 190 new customers in the past few weeks. Welcome to all!

Our staff does a fantastic job of tracking all sorts of statistics in our business, and I wanted to know the main reason customers were joining Costless Express. All new customers to us come from a competitor, since businesses will always buy office supplies. It is just a question of from whom do the buy from.

During a brief meeting, my sales staff explained there were several factors as to why customers switch to Costless Express. Factors such as our environmental position as Carbon Neutral, being local and BC owned for 18 years and more. But the number one factor, unanimously, was our prices. Customers love our low prices. But there was more. It was us showing them proof they will save money in a cost comparison that the new customers enjoyed the most.

When a customer switches suppliers, they want to know they made the right decision, so we have a program where we will take a customers top 10 items they have been purchasing from their current supplier, and match them up with our Costless prices. We show them how much they will save, and offer alternative items to save them even more. We also give the customer a free one pound bag of Starbucks Coffee as a thank you for their time.

Once we show customers our prices and they get to experience our fantastic customer service, I see why we have so many new customers.

Thanks so much to all our old and new customers, we promise to never take your business for granted.