Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Beating Staples... That Was Easy!

Staples buys Corporate Express.
The "paper clip wars" was what Wall Street called it.
How does this affect Costless Express? After running this company for almost 20 years, I can tell you, it's great news!
Whenever a large competitor makes massive changes in their organization, our company grows in market share. We pick up new customers, and also add new employees that find themselves squeezed out during the merger. Also, the cost of our products usually go down in price. Really!
Swiping a Staples customer? That Was Easy!
Here's why. It is expected that there will be significant vendor rationalization with the two companies, which could leave some vendors badly needing the business from the independent channel. I will be assessing the vendor strengths with Staples and Corporate Express, and will be actively approaching the "fall out" vendors.
What does this merger mean for you, the customer? It shows you are very smart to have chosen Costless as your supplier. No drama, just consistent fantastic customer service, and products at the lowest prices. We beat Staples prices, day in and out. If you didn't know about our price guarantee, then ask your sales rep to do a cost comparison. You'll be amazed at our catalogue prices vs. Staples.
Click here to see a few comparisons we've done:
Here's one for Customer M.
Here's one for Customer R.
Fun Fact: Every time we steal a Staples customer, we run over and whack the Staples Button: "THAT WAS EASY!" It sure was :-)
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