Thursday, May 29, 2008

Miracle Weekend!

What a weekend!

It was a busy time at the BC Children's Hospital Miracle Weekend. The end total raised was an amazing $15,607,607.

Steve Darling goes for a rideThe show on Global TV Saturday night started out with the presentation of our Retail and Wholesale cheque. It was great television, as Steve Darling rode on the side board of one of our Costless Express Trucks wearing a super hero cape as we drove into camera view (that's me driving).

Here comes the cheque!On the side of the truck was a huge cheque for $3,527,022! This money was raised through out the year from all sorts of fund raising efforts. The main supporters included Costco, Overwaitea Food Group, Thrifty Foods, Best Buy and more.

Calvin makes calls My other highlight was sitting on the Miracle Maker phone panel and raising money on live TV. This was my second year, and it was a privilege to be hand-picked to raise money for the hospital. Sitting on the panel was my friend Robin Ross from Costco, Glen Antonuk from Sleep Country, and others. We really had a great time, and raised some good money towards the weekend's total.

It was an amazing experience to see the effort and coordination from everyone to pull off this incredible event.

Watch for some fun things Costless will be doing over the next year to raise money for the (NEW!!!) Hospital.