Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Letter From Starbucks

Mmm... Starbucks coffee!If you have ever received a letter from a lawyer, you know whatever's in the envelope is probably not good.

Recently, we received a letter from a lawyer representing Starbucks Coffee. Of concern was how we used the Starbucks logo. I was quite perplexed, since we have been a Starbucks Preferred Supplier for 10 years, and never had a problem. I worked with the lawyer, and we agreed on how the logo can and cannot be used. I received a nice response from Starbucks that they were now a happy corporation, and can continue their quest for global domination of every street corner. (I hope I don't get a letter for that!)

Something still didn't sit right with me about why Starbucks' lawyers came calling. I made some calls throughout the coffee industry, and found the reason. One that made me so proud to own Costless Express!

It seems there are several of our office coffee competitors who called and complained to Starbucks that we sell our coffee "too cheap" and this makes them look bad. Hey, its true; We sell our case of Starbucks Coffee for as low as $49.99, while my competition charges $69.99 (up to $79.99!) per case for the same thing. I guess the only way to get to us was by complaining about our use of the logo.

Well, it didn't work. I'm glad to say Costless still has the lowest price on Starbucks in town. I think I'll put it on sale for $45.99 soon. Keep an eye out!

Having fun and saving customers money, one cup at a time :-)