Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Blizzard 2008!

Wendy clears the walkwayHey, its just snow! Ok, ok..... no jokes, this snow really does effect our staff and customers. Instead of writing a sob story here, I wanted to write about the BIG KUDOS we give in our daily staff huddles. Over the past two days, everyone has been handing out BIG KUDOS left right and center to other staff, and my note book has a full page of above and beyond staff! Here they are:

  • Kudos to Kathie in sales, who was first in on the 29th at 7am and held down the entire call center till 8:15 when Cindy came in (Kudos, brave Cindy too). Kathie said " problemo, my Honda rules!"
  • Kudos to Mohamed, one of our downtown drivers. Showed up at 7am, loaded his truck and was gone 2 hours before the next of our drivers rolled in. He also finished all his deliveries - truly amazing!
  • Kudos to Bill in purchasing. Since both our daytime receivers did not make it in, as well as Sandy in purchasing, Bill somehow managed to juggle all the purchasing and receiving shipments in the warehouse. Bill did the work of 4 people that day! We're not worthy!!!!!
  • Kudos to Kart, our evening receiver. Kart was left with a whole warehouse of incoming shipments that were not put away. He was able to stock and create space for the night shift, as well as do his regular duties!
  • Kudos to Chrissy, who picks up all afternoon and evening from our suppliers. In a past life, she drove a tow truck. Her comment:" Snow, that's nothing......busy day, gotta go!"
  • Kudos to Wendy in accounting. She brought in a shovel and cleared the front walkway. When asked why she was doing it, she said "I know the guys are clearing snow out back for trucks, but I want to be sure the mailman brings me my money!" Ahhh, just how our accounting department should be - double kudos!
  • Kudos to the night shift guys. They start at 9:30pm and leave at 6am. Not a complaint, not a peep, just the same great work.

And a general all round kudos to the remaining staff and customers. Thanks for making BLIZZARD 2008 one for the books!