Friday, January 18, 2008

Sports Day!

Costless Express dresses for KidSport Day!

Darrin and Calvin are all geared up!Today is the first annual Corporate KIDSPORT DAY!

Sport BC sold wristbands for $2.00 that allows you to wear your favorite sports gear to work. All proceeds go to KidSport Charity.

At Costless Express we are a pretty crazy bunch already, so a chance to dress up was right up our alley. There were lots of Hockey and Football Jerseys, yoga outfits, Baseball gear and a full jogging suit à la retro 70’s look.

To get the morning rolling, I showed up in full snow gear with SNOW SHOES. Everyone thought it was hilarious, and even more funny was when I wanted to take it off a few hours later and the staff objected. Luckily, they showed mercy, and I worked the remainder of the day in a torque and ski goggles.

It was a great time.