Monday, January 28, 2008

NOVEX Couriers

NovexToday I met with Robert Safrata, the CEO of NOVEX Couriers. Robert has been the high energy driving force behind the ongoing success of this famous Eco friendly company. Robert has met with the Premier (off to a meeting again tonight), done public speaking to thousands, and has been trained by Al Gore. I knew this meeting would be informative, and help Costless Express improve on our Eco initiative we have embarked on for 2008.

Novex fleet Robert and one of his managers, Andrew Kronquist, gave me a tour of their facility, followed by a very informative boardroom session. I could see right away that Novex was a responsible company, run by some very intelligent people. Their "triple bottom line" philosophy (People, Planet, Profits), recycling, composting and electric vehicles had me writing notes. Great stuff!

During the meeting, I bounced lots of unanswered questions I had built up over the past few months. Robert and Andrew had lots of answers, and I felt reassured that the things we were doing were the right things.

I left the meeting with some clear direction, new contacts and a knowing that although we are doing all the right stuff, there is an almost limitless amount more we could be doing as a company as individuals and as a planet. The great news is, these past few years feel like a real tipping point in environmental awareness. If our little company can make big changes, what are the big companies like Staples, Grand & Toy, and Corporate Express doing? I hope it's a thousand times as much!