Friday, June 1, 2012

Sleepless in Seattle

Nabil, Shawn and I just returned from an executive retreat in Seattle with our corporate coach Ron Huntington. Having a corporate coach has been instrumental in our growth, vision and planning. I must thank my close friend Ken Sims, the co-founder of Nurse Next Door, for introducing Ron to us.

Ron has been instrumental for many years in helping Nurse Next Door grow and now has been a key part of our executive planning. What a corporate coach does is helps the executive team work thru concepts and problems with challenging questions and exercises designed to push us to areas we may not reach alone. With out him, I fear we only drink and eat BBQ on our retreats.

This retreat was very exciting for our team as we were able to push thru some roadblocks around our Human Resources policies. H/R is becoming more important than ever to our growth and building a team of A players needs a solid plan. After several 15 hour days we came away from the retreat with solid methodologies and a unified executive team. Something I know we would not have been able to develop as well on our own.

We plan to have Ron visit us in Vancouver in a few weeks to work on our 10 year vision.

Arrrggghhh - he gave us TONS of homework till we meet again. I guess that's what coaches do.
Thanks Ron.

Calvin Johnson
Chief Energizing Officer