Saturday, June 16, 2012

All Aboard!!

I'm on the Rocky Mountaineer train back from 2 days in Whistler. Our EO Chapter  left North Vancouver early morning on the 15th for a leisurely train trip up the Sea to Sky... train tracks.

It was my first train trip up to Whistler and the scenery didn't disappoint. I highly recommend the trip as a local or as a visitor. I have been on the Rocky Mountaineer to Banff when Sandy worked at the company many years ago - and this trip with the dome cars and gourmet 5 star food is a not to be missed trip to add to your bucket list.

Our EO event was sold out and featured copious amounts of camaraderie, laughs, food and yes, drinking. The connections from this group have made a serious positive impact on my life and business and this event was no exception. I was able to rekindle old acquaintances and make new connections. One such connection has helped open my insight into database management and will be instrumental in our future growth.

As many know I'm a bit shy in large social settings, choosing instead to stick to people I know. But at the event I tried an idea a friend told me about. Just ask people you don't know "So, what's new?" and people will open up and chat for hours! Works like a charm.