Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Our Drivers DELIVER!

This morning we hosted a Driver Appreciation Breakfast form our awesome drivers (and courier people). Just a small thank you to let them know we couldn't do it with out their.......awesomeness.
Nabil and I manned the waffle maker and whipped up some tasty concoctions of bacon INSIDE the waffle. Something Shawn and I first was while in Vegas a few months ago. Each driver received some gifts including candy, water bottles and $50 Costco Gift Cards followed up with an early morning massage. We thought the drivers may not go for a massage from a guy or early in the morning but we were so wrong. Drivers LOVED IT! Some booking a second session because it did such wonders.

Josh the massage guy with Cindy, Hailey, Lisa & Alysha
Josh from Total Relief Pain Solutions brought in a massage chair and everyone got a relaxing arms-and shoulders chair massage. 

Looks like all the staff also enjoyed the breakfast and massages. I wanted to get a few more pics of our massage guy but during the 4 hours we had him booked he didn't have a single breather. I don't know how his hands held up!!

Anyway, great weather, great morning, smiles all round.