Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Coach Ron Returns

Today we brought in Ron our Corporate Coach for another intense day long session. Nabil, Shawn and I had a mountain of homework from our Seattle coaching sessions May 30th- June 1st.

Today, we focused on the final touches to our short and long term strategic plans by boiling all the data into what we have named a "One Page Strategic Plan". In this document we have clear goals, defined by who, what, how and most important - by when. It can be scary to put your ideas, then goals, down on paper, and then commit to them. It makes it so real.

We all came away from the day totally burned out, but relieved we were able to create a plan we all could buy into and commit 100%. It makes the future look so exciting knowing where we will be in 2/5/20 years.

 Thanks to Shawn and Nabil for all the hard work and to Coach Ron for guiding us through the process and pushing us farther than we thought possible.