Sunday, July 25, 2010

Off To The Bathtub Races

Have you ever heard of Bathtub Racing? Or how about the world's largest Bathtub? Nanaimo BC holds the world famous Bathtub Races each year, and my "crew" and I have been involved for 14 years now.

If you have never seen a bathtub in action, then check out this video of our driver Wakeem as we test the tub in calm waters prior to the race. Our tub is racing in the Super Modified Class, the fastest class with the most horse power and tricks. Hey, after all these years, we know to go big or go home. Our tub was clocking out at a speedy 32 MPH and we were happy with that.

Here is the link to the Official Bathtub Site.

The weather for the race this year was sunny but very windy. We were in 6 - 7 foot swells, and even the chase boats were having problems in the waves.

Only 20 minutes into the race, and most of the field either didn't make it out of the harbour or much past the first check point, "Entrance Island." By the end of the 3 hour race, only 12 of the 49 tub and chase boat teams crossed the line. We sunk just after the first check point, but were able to throw a rope around the tub and save it from completely going under.

Although we didn't finish this year, we did have friends who came in first place!!!
Clint Heine of Marine Express / 1st Fiberglass.
Here is Clint sipping beer from the cup in the pub after the race.

On the BC Day long weekend, we will be up at Pitt Lake for the next bathtub race. No waves on the lake, so I hope we don't sink this time :-)


P.S. a special thanks to our Nanaimo customers for their support all year and during Tub Weekend.