Friday, July 16, 2010

Social Committee

The best part of being on our Costless Express Social Committee is "pre testing" venues for our parties.
A new bowling center opened up near our offices, so we thought this would be a great venue for our year end party (our year end is July 31.)

So, off our committee went on a Friday afternoon to check it out. Hey, someone's gotta do the hard work, and since we can't just send one person, we all had to go check it out.

Now that we were here, we thought, what's the harm to bowl a game… or two… or three… and order nachos? (The biggest plate of nachos I've ever seen - I took a picture!) Soon it was 6:30pm, and we had ripped up the lanes with some super competitive games. It was a great time, and the best part was keeping up with Todd who is on a league.

I'm looking forward to our bowling party, scheduled for mid August. I suggest bowling for any corporate get-together. It's quite inexpensive, everyone can do it, and it's easy for everyone to mingle and team build.