Thursday, July 8, 2010

Chewter's Chocolates

Today we went to visit my friend Wade and his company Chewter's Chocolates.

Wade just spent the past 4 months installing a new chocolate production line worth about $1,000,000!!!

This machine can take liquid chocolate (only the best Callebaut chocolate) and completely mould, cool and wrap over 350 chocolate squares per minute.

Watch a quick video to see how fast this machine makes them - it is amazing!

Wade said the "How It's Made" TV show wants to come film his machine - only one of a small handful in the world.

Soon you'll see Costless mini chocolates in your orders and handed out by our drivers, we are just waiting for the weather to cool down.

Also, check out these very cool custom wooden boxes Wade's company makes for the Vegas hotels like Bellagio and Wynn to name a few. He has really revolutionized the mini bar gift experience with these products. You can start to find his gifts as close as Vancouver hotels, and as far away as Dubai.

Way to go Wade, proud of you - (and keep the PB&J chocolate truffles coming our way, they are sooooooo addictive!)