Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Twedding!

At the Twedding!If you Twitter at a wedding, you're at a Twedding!

Today Sandy and I attended a lovely afternoon wedding at the Tea House in Stanley Park for our good friends Jen and Jeff.

Jeff you may know from Virgin Radio, a.k.a. Buzz Bishop. His blog is quite entertaining, so add it to your favorites for some good local perspective on pop and tech culture. Look for his July 5th entry.

If you read the blog entry on his wedding day you'll see where he calls it a "Twedding". You see, Jen was stuck in a Limo that took a wrong turn, and she was 45 minutes behind schedule while guests and groom stood on the grass outside overlooking English Bay. What is a radio personallity groom to do while waiting? Tweet on his Blackberry of course!

Congratulations Jen and Jeff!