Friday, July 24, 2009

The Tool Man!

The Tool Man!Last night I was order picking, and today you can call me Calvin the TOOL MAN Johnson.
Still short staffed, I went today to install 30 paper towel dispensers at a customer's location.
I had planned on attending the customer's location during the installation regardless, but I was expecting to have an assistant with me to do the actual drilling and installations. Since the warehouse was still short staffed, and one full trailer of Coke and another of Pepsi was arriving this morrning (our big pop sale this week cleaned us out) it was going to be just me.
Our customer RCABC in Langley has a gorgeous new facility and we sell them just about everything under the sun for their entire business, including now, all their washroom supplies like paper towels, toilet paper and soap. All with FREE DISPENSERS courtesy of Costless Express. The new dispensers are from our TORK line and will save the customer 25% or more on consumption, and the paper is EcoLogo Certified 100% Recycled.
I did pretty well I thought, installing about half the dispensers today. Their building is kind of a maze underground, and finding all the washrooms had me back-tracking a bit. One instructor would just smile every time I did "laps" past his office. The remainder will need to be installed next week, but the good news is the customer is also interested in Purell wall dispensers (also free) after I offered to demo this vital part of their health and wellness program.
If you need to upgrade your washroom dispensers, or need Purell for office, please give us a ring.