Monday, July 27, 2009

Announcing JumpCart!

Jumpcart scanner

I am proud to announce the introduction of some exciting and exclusive technology from Costless Express.

JumpCart will revolutionize the way you order your business supplies. With just the click of a button, you can now scan any product bar codes we sell and have your order automatically upload to our website shopping cart.

The next time your toner is running low, just scan the bar code sticker we placed on your machine — done! No more hunting for item numbers or what supplier you ordered from last time. It works great in the lunch room too. Open a cupboard and scan shelf labels of all your favorite supplies like coffee, sugar, napkins and cream. You can even scan the actual bar code on the box if you like.

The scanner is the size of a car alarm remote, and after you have scanned your order while walking around your office, you just plug in the scanner for three seconds and your order is automatically dropped into our web shopping cart under your exclusive user name and password. Once the order is loaded on the web, you can add, delete or change the order, and even put the order on hold for future submission.

Read more about JumpCartYour sales rep can also create a custom mini catalogue of just the items you regularly order. The catalogue is sorted in groups for easy reference, and best of all each catalogue item has a bar code. Imagine flipping through your own hand-picked item catalogue and scanning the items you need to order. Coffee (Beep)… paper (Beep, Beep)… toner for the mailroom printer (Beep). It's that easy. Your ordering time will be cut significantly. Best of all, it is absolutely FREE to use for all Costless Express customers.

Costless Express is the only company in Canada offering this time saving ordering technology.

Click here it see a brochure on our exclusive JumpCart Technology. For an in-person DEMO by yours truly, please ask your sales rep.