Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Riding With Helijet

All aboard!I really enjoy cars, planes, boats and just about anything else fast, so today was special for me since it was my first ride in a helicopter.

One of our customers, Helijet, flew me to their Victoria harbor base as part of our new Ethical Bean coffee roll out. Helijet offers their customers a full coffee and snack program for all their bases in BC. All supplied by Costless Express. Each flying guest is able to choose complimentary items like bagels, drinks, coffee, snacks and much more at the fully stocked coffee bars they have set up.

Each year I work with their management to keep the selection fresh and interesting. At their request we added fruit and oatmeal (just like Starbucks) and a local organic fair trade coffee from Ethical Bean. All cups and cutlery were also switched to biodegradable materials to keep with Helijet's policy of being as eco friendly as possible.

Helijet's new coffee stationThe coffee stations turned out great and the early reviews from customers was very positive. A funny side note while in Victoria is that a cabinet minister and I were chatting about the mini biscotti we supply, and he wanted to order cases just for himself. I set up a deal between him and Helijet, and now when he flies, he can also pick up his coveted order of Wally's 3D Fudge Mini Biscotti!

Although the weather was overcast, my first flight on Helijet was great! Something well worth experiencing. In the past, our staff has had an open invitation to fly when we wanted but never really took advantage. Well, that may change now that I have experienced what a convenient and VIP service they offer. Thanks!