Monday, September 29, 2008

A Visit With Ethical Bean

Calvin and VirenToday I stopped in to visit our newest supplier Ethical Bean. Viren the sales manager gave me a tour and showed me the process of how the coffee beans are actually roasted. Quite interesting that it only takes 20 minutes to roast almost 100 pounds.

Viren is the big picture guy, practiced at the art of conversation, new father of twins and a heckuva nice guy. (Actually, I got that from his bio online). He and the entire company are a real local success story, and I choose them because of our similar philosophy on sustainability and the environment.

You can now purchase Ethical Bean coffee portion packs from Costless Express. Something you won't find in the office coffee market except from us. The coffee is all 100% Organic, shade grown and Fair Trade Certified.

If you would like us to come do a taste test at your company please let me know.