Friday, September 5, 2008

We'll Miss You, Amy!

We'll miss you, Amy!

We really get to know our customers, and when they move on from their company, we feel we lose a relationship and a friend. When I heard Amy from one of our large customers was taking a new job closer to her home, we decided to pay one last visit and say farewell. I stopped in with one of our giant cakes and a card signed by all our staff. Amy was surprised, and promised to set up an account with Costless once she moved over to her new job. She said she would miss us too, especially Kathie her rep.

Although we lost Amy, we didnt lose the customer. Margret has taken over, and we didnt leave her out of the goodie giving! She was pleased we stopped in for an visit, and loved the candy and treats we gave to her.

Ahhh, a little chocolate seems to help make friends fast!

Ciao Amy, Welcome Margret!