Friday, October 3, 2008

Introducing Flavia!

Flavia machine"Patience is a virtue" is an old saying. Well, today was a great day at Costless, because after waiting, we just became a Flavia Authorized Distributor!
What is Flavia? Well first, some background and why we were waiting.
Over the past few years, there have been some new coffee machines to hit the office and home market. You know, the ones that make a single cup at a time. Some take cups, others take pods, envelopes and on and on. Also, some of you may now own a machine... and you can't get the coffee any more!
Yes, there were so many choices a few years ago that we decided to wait until the cream rose to the top. Hence today, why we signed on with Flavia. This system has shown it is the most versatile in the office environment, and clearly leads the way in coffee and tea choices. More than any other system.
What Flavia does is brew one cup at a time, so there is no waste and all the convenience. One person can have Mocha Latte and immediately after, the next person can have a Orange White Tea, without fear of any taste contamination. Once the drink is done, the packet ejects into a bin so there is no messy clean up. It really is a revolution in office coffee, and we are happy to work with Mars Drinks (of the Mars chocolate company) to roll out this amazing technology to our customers. Click here to watch an online demo!
I have a special offer for any customer who wants to have a Flavia coffee machine installed in their office! I will give you a CREDIT of 10% back on all your coffee purchases till the end of 2008. So if you buy $2000 in coffee, I'll give you a $200 credit at the end of the year. Please let your sales rep know you saw the offer on Calvin's Corner.
If you want we can come drop off a machine for 3 days of free trial drinks, just say the word, and we will come.
You'll be hearing much more about Flavia from Costless Express. Click here for a sheet about the system and our drink flavors.