Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Empower your customer service

Some of the worst customer service comes from the cable and cell phone industry in my opinion. So when Shaw Cable called me (at dinner time) to sell me more services I was ready to accept the challenge and engage. Side note- my wife and partners at work know that means I'm ready to use the call as a test to see how good or bad the service is - since they are calling me. I'll play along in hopes I learn something or hear some great service ideas I can share at Lykki.

I'll jump to the part of the call where I took the time to mention I'm not happy with my HD channels and how most only have sound and not picture. 

The sales person was happy to transfer me to customer service, where they explained they are aware of the problem and that my PVR was older and could not show some of the new channels. They could offer me a new PVR at no cost if I signed a 2 year contract or I could buy one for $400.  I explained I'm a 10 year customer and had no intention of signing a contract - they should just give me one without all the hoops, but that was the best this service person was "authorized to do." So we ended the call with me unhappy and letting them know that since my HD channels don't work, just cancel the HD package. The service gal apologized and said she would give me the free DVR if she could.

Ten minutes later I get a call back from the customer service person I just spoke to. She explained that her manager has authorized a new PVR for free for being a loyal customer. What changed in the last ten minutes? Why can't companies just give more autonomy to front line staff to use their best judgement and make customers happy on the spot?

What a rare and novel concept.