Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A bit creepy or remarkable customer service?

Google is working on technology that can share information on context between apps. Picture this: when your Nike Fuelband is tracking your run, other apps and notifications could be suppressed. When you’re finished, your app can tell the vending machine what size water bottle you need to replenish your fluids, and debit your mobile wallet. Or an intelligent restaurant menu could recommend items with the optimal post-recovery macronutrient ratios. There’s limitless potential for data and devices to connect with bodies and businesses.

Data collection for personalization is not new. Scoble shared an anecdote about a famous upscale hotel in Half Moon Bay that for years has had staff go through an individual guest’s trash after check out and write down what type of chocolate bars, wine, water bottle brands etc. are left behind, so they could have them ready during the guests’ next visits. Creepy? Yes. Good customer service? Yes.