Friday, November 15, 2013

Wish me a Strike!

Another fantastic event last night by the Lykki Culture Club. Cosmic Bowling. 
Great friends, fun food and ....... A chicken costume?
Rita is one our new partners and only 6 months with Lykki but already she has made a major positive impact on our culture with her " all in" attitude.  When you show up to a public bowling alley dressed in a full chicken costume - just because, you know you have the right kind of partners at Lykki.
Rita also brought her daughter Kelsey who kindly "wished" a strike on the bowling ball of anyone who asked her. She was a popular girl wishing each ball bowled. Sometimes she was so busy there was a lineup and I chose to skip the wish. Of course you know what happened - gutter ball. When she wished my ball - a strike or at least a great throw. 
Thanks to all our Lykkiites who attended. I wish we did that every Friday.