Thursday, November 21, 2013

The knee bone's connected to the - thigh bone.

As I have blogged about recently, we are installing all new software at Lykki. This is no small project and many hours from a large team of super smart people has gone into pulling it off over the last 8 months. Happily we are down to the final few weeks and then we go live. Our new system will be amazing!!! More on that in a future post. 
There is nobody more excited than me to see the project completed. I have full trust in our team so I am not involved in the project - except to sign the cheques, order sushi, beer an keep the coffee flowing. 
Today I was walking past a team and what they had on the screen made me stop in my tracks. I snapped this picture of a Data Relation Flow Map. (OK, I made that up - no idea what they call the screen). Anyways it was humbling for me to see the complexity of the project yet also energizing to know that we have such uber smart partners who work at Lykki. As an entrepreneur there is a saying - "always hire people smarter than you if you want to grow and succeed". I am happy to say I sure did. 
Great work and kudos to the Lykki software team!!