Thursday, November 7, 2013

Freeing up someone's future.

Today was a rough day at Lykki. We did one of the toughest things - we made a tough decision that fit our Ki Values although it would hurt our business and cost us lots of money. 
Our HR department and management decided to let a long time partner go. We use the term " free up their future" because we see it as an opportunity to start new and take their future in a new direction. 
How many times have you seen people who stay in a job or relationship and they are miserable. It's just not a right fit yet the person continues to persevere. Why don't they make a change? Is it the safety, the unknown, possibly it's just not bad enough yet. Sometimes someone needs to make the change for them. 
As an employer, I think we are responsible to ensure employees are in a role they are passionate about - to not leave people just coasting and existing each day doing the base minimum. I feel if we were to do that then we are Stealing Their Future.  If we can't find the right role for someone where they can jump out of bed in the morning full of excitement that they are making a positive impact on the business then we need to Free Up Their Future so they can find that excitement somewhere else.  Who knows what that person can become once we set them free to pursue their true calling.