Friday, May 24, 2013

Is Lykki Bananas?

Some customers are still surprised to know we can supply FRUIT.

YES, we sell thousands of pounds of delicious fresh fruit each month to customers. What do our customers do with the fruit? They give it to their staff as snacks instead of candy, chips and cookies. And employees love it!

Studies show that employees want to work for a progressive employer who promotes healthy life style within the workplace. Fruit is a convenient option to keep employees health pointed in the right direction when they get the munches.

Fruit from Lykki can be delivered the next day, is always super fresh, hand selected and high in quality. The best part is that fruit costs less than many snack options like chocolate bars and chips. We have been delivering fruit for several years and when we give tours of our warehouse it's usually the first thing people comment about "Lykki really is a single source!!"

Like I say - Bananas to Binders, we have it all.