Thursday, May 16, 2013

Catch a Wave


I snapped this group picture because to me it was so cool seeing our web and IT team together collaborating. It was a short 18 months ago we only had one person doing a bit of web work. Today the team is comprised of some super smart folks who collectively have almost 200 years of experience and knowledge.


This has allowed Lykki to hit the beach and start surfing! Surfing is a comparison I use when I speak on the industry about the future of office products. In my opinion, there is a massive technology wave building in our industry that is getting bigger, faster and more complex everyday. There are some businesses like Lykki who are embracing change and spending every penny building their custom surfboard, getting ready to surf on top of the big wave. Then there are other businesses hanging on the beach sipping a cool one in the shade. When the wave hits the beach, we hope Lykki is ready to surf the big one!