Friday, October 21, 2011

Verne Harnish

Yesterday Nabil, Shawn and I were in Victoria to meet one of my business heroes, Verne Harnish. 

Verne is one of the founders of EO - a global network of 8000 business owners in 38 countries. I've been a member for 11 years and this is the first time I've been able to see Verne live.

The three of us spent a few days in Victoria on other business, and a full day with Verne courtesy of my friends in the EO Victoria chapter. We have used many of Verne's ideas over the years and read his books, so it was great to see him in action and to expose my two top VP's at the same time.

The day was a fire hose of ideas, concepts, best case stories, lots of book recommendations and exercises. With over 100 entrepreneurs and top level people in the room, ideas were flowing fast. A highlight for me was addressing the room about how we offer free breakfast, lunch and dinner to our staff - something Verne picked up in an earlier conversation we were having together and called me out to share the success we have had with the added benefit.
Last night we came in late from Victoria and I am in Richmond this morning to see Verne - again.

Nurse Next Door

I was given a special invite by my uber successful friends Ken Sim and John DeHeart, the founders of Nurse Next Door, to sit in on their Franchise Summit today. Our warehouse, purchasing and call center managers came with me so they too could be exposed to the ideas and concepts Verne teaches. Within the last 48 hours we have aligned our management team to row in unison. Something you can never be doing enough of in business.