Monday, October 10, 2011

Ohhh Nooooo MR. BILL!

I changed my title years ago to Chief Energizing Officer and personally I make a concious effort to add a bit of joy and laughter to at least a few people I work with every day. My thoughts on how you build a strong company culture is to make every day have a little bit of fun in it when you come to work.  My theory is that if I set the tone, others will follow.

At Costless you'll see theme days, celebration, lots of crazy hats, decorations and cool little toys on peoples desks. Most of these things are gifts staff give each other in an effort to bring a bit of fun and happiness into the office. So when I saw this MR BILL doll - I had to surprise Bill in accounting.

Glad to see MR BILL made Mr. Bill smile.